5 Photography Tips from 5 Photographers

Detroit is home to some of the most talented creatives I’ve ever met! a while ago, I was asked to be part of a creative collective meet up on Belle Isle, in Detroit, MI. During the meet-up, I sat with each photographer and asked them for a piece of advice they wish they knew when they started photography. the advice given is genuine and I wish I had heard some of these tips when I started!

I want to thank everyone who came out and participated that day and look forward to creating more content with everyone in the future!

Majority of the clothing used during this meet-up was designed by Leslie Graver. You can find more of her collection at and find her on instagram @bitchinstichinxx

Photographers Instagram Handles:
Myself – @ryngrg
Erin @erinimages
Jasen @jb.visuals
Cory @weerd_machinist
Nick @nicksullivanphoto
Emily @emcrombez

Models Instagram Handles:
Zoe @zoeariell
Meghan @meghanleemodeling
Anthony @anthonydemaggio

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